Payment and Delivery

1) Payment and Service Details 
Payments can be made on our website with your credit card.
In your online payments, the amount will be withdrawn from your credit card at the end of your order. 
2)Refund Policy
Normally there are no refunds. However, and only if the workshop is canceled for any reason, a refund can be made. In such a case, your money will be refunded within 3 days after the service cancellation is announced by e-mail to your credit card. 
3) Service Delivery
After purchasing the workshop, you will be participating in the workshops live from the Zoom link that will be sent to you on the dates and times specified on the page of the purchased workshop. In addition, the workshop documents will be sent to you by e-mail shortly before the workshop starts. At the end of the workshop, a link will be sent to you by e-mail so that you can watch the workshop recordings for a limited time. 
4) Payment Tracking
If the system in question cannot perform the transaction due to any problem, our visitor is informed of this situation as a result of the payment page.
In case of any error at the specified address, a connection is made with the orderer regarding the order that cannot be delivered.
The validity of the e-mail address specified by our visitor is confirmed by the automatic e-mail sent after the order is transferred.
We have a responsibility to the bank, where we use the credit card system, as well as the customer, for the realization of the delivery.